Socrates meets jesus

How would he react to our values? Quotes from Socrates Meets Je Like his idol, CS Lewis, he does an excellent job of taking what would otherwise be read by a narrow audience of Catholics and makes it accessible to anyone. The exact reason for some of the philosophical overlaps between Socrates and Christians theism, monotheism, ethical holiness of God is still a subject of great debate; Kreeft just offered an answer to that overlap that displeases the philosophical secularist. It is also fascinating to read how a transplant from Ancient Greece would interact with modern American society.

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Socrates Meets Jesus: History's Greatest Questioner Confronts the Claims of Christ

In fact, is not love the greatest earthquake? Fundamentalism becomes such an all-encompassing, and thus poorly defined staw man, that Christianity is considered easily dispatched.

Using Socratic diologue, Kreeft creates conversations with students who are the products of 20th century progressive education. Socrates reads Peter Kreeft, ,eets of the foremost Christian philosophers today, wrote this satirical work about the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates, who is mysteriously resurrected on sofrates modern day campus of "Have It" University.

The purpose of the book is to have Socrates encounter and deal with the claims of Christ. Jesus, he learns, was God in the flesh. A minister from the highly anti-Catholic Iglesia ni Cristo Church of Christ squares off against a Catholic apologist and gets several big surprises. Open Preview See a Problem? If Peter Kreeft c Peter Kreeft is perhaps one of the best known presenters of Christian Apologetics in the world today, and one of the few for whom I have any respect.

With Socrates remaining true to his logical and skeptical nature, we find it's impossible for Socrates to accept the existence of God prima facie. Previous page of related Sponsored Products.

A gentle introduction to some philosophical concepts. Books by Peter Kreeft. I enjoyed the rational breakdown of Christianity and the claims that people on both sides of Christianity make. This book is an attempt to re-imagine Plato's Allegory of the Cave with a modern twist.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I haven't read enough Socrates to know if this has any truth to it.

Does not love make its own judgments? I'm now on a quest to find Kreeft other Socrates offerings: Another reviewer stated that you should skip the last 20 pages of the book because Socrates essentially has a religious experience and drops logic in favor of revelation.

Socrates Meets Jesus

Like his idol, CS Lewis, he does an excellent job of taking what would otherwise be read by a narrow audience of Catholics and makes it accessible to anyone. Oh, we have philosophers here.

Mfets 30, Isaac rated it liked it. There is no middle ground of "Jesus was just kinda nice. Mar 07, Lee Harmon rated it really liked it. You cannot help but smile or burst out laughing at "Socrates" reactions to various things, especially in light of his being transported to a "progressive, 20th century age".

Between Heaven and Hell: The thesis of this book is that the claims of Christ are not false or absurd. It is fascinating how the philosophical assumptions of modern theologians fall so much more quickly at the feet of Socrates' questioning than do the claims and assumptions of scripture. Overall, this was a great work that was as fun as it was intellectually stimulating. Then they are not true philosophers. Slightly corny, but an eye opener as to all the side roads of philosophy there are, with the author choosing a few to go down, just mentioning others.

Read more Read less. Apr 25, Brett rated it liked it. The focus of the book is exactly what the title says, Socrates Meets Jesus. Kreeft's Socrates is indeed, a great questioner, challenging constantly the orthodoxy of an age that has abandoned clear-thinking for pseudo-religiosity with ideas that stating the definitive truth of the resurrection is to be avoided at all costs to interpreting scripture to teach what we'd like it to rather than what it actually does.

Apr 29, Adam Graham rated it it was amazing.

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