Paul scheerbart glass architecture

Here Scheerbart stands inside of it far left:. But I certainly hope that the culturally most significant languages can be preserved. Next Project Glass is commonly associated with the presumed rationalism of modern architecture. Doubt is never expressed that building a tower to heaven could lead to something bad or even to something desirable; there is only doubt about whether or not this is possible. Evan Goodwin rated it liked it Jan 31,

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We can only do that by introducing glass architecture, which lets in the lights of the sun, the moon, and the stars, nor merely through a few windows, but through every possible wall, which will be made entirely of glass—of coloured glass.

The Crystal Cities and Floating Continents of Paul Scheerbart

People will be able to go traveling carrying their gardens and livestock with them, and thus: Vlad Diaconu marked it as to-read Mar 15, Mayar marked it as to-read Jan 03, While the piece served the practical purpose of showing new ways glass could be used in architecture, Taut had a deeper interest in the relationship of glass to human emotion and spirituality.

Emanuela Agent marked it as to-read Mar 23, Books by Paul Scheerbart. Taut also employed variety of strategies to envelope visitors with an extraordinary experience of light and color.

The key idea is this one, nice of him to put it out in front. Scheerbart saw the opposite.

Paul Scheerbart and his Glass Utopia

They can build the architecture park necessary for imagining the future using the Harz mountain range in its entirety. It probably all started with the Crayola 64 box of crayons.

To Loos, living in Vienna, the Austrian love of surface decoration—as apotheosized in Art Nouveau—was a form of deceit, a cover-up for a corrupt society. No trivia or quizzes yet.

His most celebrated treatise, Glass Architecture Glasarchitektur, foretold of a sublime, technocratic civilization whose peaceful world-order was borne from the proliferation of crystal cities and floating continents of chromatic glass, a vision summed up in his aphorism: Neda marked it as to-read Apr 19, Who hammered open the first Pallasian nut is left unexplained. The former rulers of the world were too poor to work on the grandest scale.

Our hope was to encourage new translations and further scholarship on him. The Glass House has no purpose other than to be beautiful.

Paul Scheerbart and his Glass Utopia - Andrea Gibbons

This kind of hyper-literal yet surreal detail, narrated by Scheerbart in matter-of-fact prose, is one of the things that make his fiction sometimes read like proto-Dadaism, or automatic writing. Leave a Reply Cancel flass.

The new environment, which we thus create, must bring us a new culture. Christina Shimitra marked it as to-read Jan 21, Evan Goodwin rated it liked it Jan 31, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. After the war, aesthetic theories became divorced from any sense of the literary, or of humor.

The key to glass architecture is that it is supposed to be made of colored glass; it is not moralistically transparent, blass synesthetically indulgent.

Glass Architecture

I quite love Scheerbart. Drawing issued for the construction of the Glass House.

One flash of insight, one clever invention, and we will all be redeemed. I found it to be captivating and somewhat Borges-like—not in structure but in its spirit. I am finding in myself as much nostalgia for this time of infinite architectural possibility as for the revolutionaries of the s who believed the world was theirs to change…I am sad I will never be able to believe in a revolution around the glasss, a technology so new, a progress assured and manageable.

Yet at the bottom of all these recommendations is not pragmatism, of course, but a poetic vision of the world transformed into an artwork: While few would take seriously the fanciful world The Gray Cloth imagines, it nonetheless architecturf a gem-like and strangely poignant vision of an unrealized world and glows with a spirit that seems today all but lost: In general, to predict that technology will solve all the problems it has caused—that we can innovate ourselves out of global warming, for instance—today seems childishly, intolerably optimistic.

I had so many questions about the translation itself.

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