List of all phrasal verbs with examples filetype

I have to give these skates back to Franz before his hockey game. How can we find out? The washing machine broke down so we had to call in the repair technician.

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I need to ask you something. His shop was done over by a street gang.

xll We know you did it! We tried to keep the time of the party a secret, but Samantha found it out. You should work out twice a week at the gym. She always looks down on anyone who is poor. She needs to work fewer hours. That company does not carry out tests on animals. You should get off the train in Kings Heath. I had to hold my dog back because there was a cat in the park.

An Extensive List of Phrasal Verbs | Common Phrasal Verbs

Tommy blew up the red balloon. She cut out a coupon from the newspaper. Please put on the light on.

I'm sure you'll find a job very soon. He has to tell everybody about his new computer. Phrasal Verbs Phrasal Verbs List common phrasal verbswith meanings and example sentences phrasal verb meaning example sentence ask somebody out invite on a date Brian asked Examplfs out to dinner and a movie.

An Extensive List of Phrasal Verbs

filetyoe The police blocked off the street after the explosion. You need to calm down before you drive the car. Julie wore out her shoes running the marathons. My teacher wants me to do my essay over because she doesn't like my topic.

Local authorities backed down on their threats to build on that part of the beach. He appealed to the court to change its decision.

The politician came across as a complete fool during the TV interview. He never really grew up at all. The light bulb burnt out. Our new neighbors are moving in this afternoon. Our teacher broke the final project down into three separate parts. To find by chance To appear, seem, make an impression. His orders were carried out to the letter.


He was a great man. I often drop off in front of the TV.

To engage in, become a member of To meet and unite with. Could you switch it off. Please hold on and a representative will answer your call. Donna checked out of the hotel this morning.

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