Creatures of rokugan

So it really really seems like this is concept that could grow up to higher than 5th level. I don't speak Japanese. So it's not that people don't want to play in the world of Sinbad the Sailor or a magical Baghdad where Aladdin has a genie in a lamp; it's just that the settings tend to be rather flimsy - you'd as much ask why people don't play in fairy tales and run into Weyland Smith. But of course, OA naga are different, and by "different" I mean they're monstrous humanoids instead of aberrations. Pretty much exactly like how in English if you say two nouns in a row the first one becomes an adjective that modifies the second.

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I did amazingly well in the one convention, as over a couple of games I became Jade Emissary for the region that was represented in Australia and more importantly did not die, lose honour or gain taint. The Minor Oni are also CR 2, but were og written by somebody else in absolute seclusion from the guy writing megada no oni.

Those aren't wounds, those are eyes. This proved that AEG authors could be equally non-proficient with two rulesets.

This is more like Eastern Europe-sliding-into-Central-Asia. Japanese Phoenixes are dokugan Houou, and that is what they are called in Pokemon and that is what they are called in the Creatures of Rokugan book as well. Click here to see the hidden message It might contain spoilers Seriously, you have an entire empire where magic is a thing.

Anyway, the book feels the need to give different writeups for Nezumi from different tribes. They're the beloved underdogs of the setting. How could you put it next to another goddamn CR 2 oni and stand back and say "Yes, that looks balanced. Mushizo from Ninja Scroll.

Creatures of Rokugan: Third Edition

Or if Monsters of Faerun had wasted a shit tonne of page space on Elves and Dwarves. It's a thematic thing in the setting which can be quite complicated but ultimately devolves into unexplained metaphysics that no-one cares about. According to its description this should take about 3 hours once the first moetechi no kansen gets started you summon 1, in an hour you have 2, in two hours you have 4, 3 merge to form a Taki-bo no oni and the 4th starts the cycle againso I have no idea why these guys haven't burned down the world yet.

As XKCD pointed out, if you go back far enough in your old files you will discover that you wrote poetry. It's CR 7 and it has a dazing gaze attack to go with its eight tentacle attacks and it all amounts to a dick's worth of damage if you are unwise enough to melee the fucking thing.

How is this thing CR 2? Both in terms of its position in the story and in terms of how fucking oversold this cdeatures is.

Yes, they still have automatic self resurrection that doesn't cost a level, but it takes a whole day. So I don't know why they bothered.

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It gets its own paragraph, but it literally has no game effects. But at some point, someone who got the chance to write L5R canon decided to clutter it up with some seriously weird shit. Kinda messed up either way.

It probably doesn't even get to act. Koumei Serious Badass Joined: It was a card creagures was moderately expensive and had shitty stats but it got to copy a stat or ability off of another character each turn.

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So the CR 8 Jade Dragon is underwhelming; it's supposed to be a minor emissary of the true Jade Dragon, which is why they suck. People have long speculated as to what exactly the fuck was going on with WotC to make them decide to use Rokugan instead of one of their older Oriental Adventures settings, and further if they were going to do that, what possessed them to then sell away their ability to make supplements for the setting they committed themselves to.

Then after doing that, they sold the IP back to AEG, thus making AEG the sole company able to make official supplements for an official 3rd edition setting. Oni no Tsuburu is the same.

I'm not proud of it, but it is what it is. They were part of one of the stupider shapechange based infinite power loops. I mean, they already have the standard spirit immunities and Shapeshifting as an extraordinary ability, couldn't you just pump up their track and move silently and wilderness lore skills and call it a day? I dress like David Bowie because one of my ancestors fucked a cat.

Anyway, calling this thing CR 25 is a fucking joke; it's a hp 51 HD bruiser with regeneration and damage reduction out the ass, but no spell-like abilities or spellcasting abilities.

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