Benoit brisefer

Circumstances led a young Arab prince to give the band the title deeds to some land. He hates crime and injustice and has an intense dislike for firearms. The fresco was designed by the artistic ensemble Urbana. However, Vladlavodka once got two of her circuits mixed up and as a result she became evil:

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He talks excessively mixing his words, names benoir events, and ends up befuddling and confusing the adults. She was the model for the robotic Mrs.

Now oil has been discovered on the land, and it is necessary to get all the pieces of paper together in order to claim it. The announcement that certain scenes are going to be filmed brisefee an actual bank raises the interest of some robbers, and who best to lead them but the robotic Lady d'Olphine?

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But what should be a safe and easy mission turns sour when well-organised gangsters get involved and it will take the combined efforts of uncle and nephew to get the irritable minister safely to destination. Adolphine II aka Lady d'Olphine: Placide is suddenly assigned to escort Mister Chnik, the Finance Minister of Furengrootsbadenschtein, who has come to obtain documents relating to the printing of money.

They are listed in order of publication. The chief also dismisses his claims on the grounds that kids like him read too many comics — before going into his office and reading some comics himself.

The witnesses of his power are the brissefer, always after they have been warned and failed to believe him.

A new taxi service has moved into the town of Vivejoie-la-Grande. But when you have a balloon set on a random course, evading the crooks is a case of easier said than done. Parts of the series have been published in a number of languages around the world.

However, she is desperate to keep it a secret since the circumstances in which she acquired it could lead to trouble with her parents.

Benoît Brisefer Series

It initially lasted till when the success of the Smurfs prevented Peyo from working on his other series. Mister Dussiflard was once part of a jazz band. Other than that, his only known relative is his uncle Tonton Placide whom he sometimes stays with during the holidays.

He is a police bodyguard who protects visiting foreign officials and celebrities. Views Read Edit View history. Upon recovering, Vladlavodka reveals that there bridefer two Mrs Adophines: He based her design on the real-life concept of the turtle robots devised by William Grey Walter but also made her more sentient. Peyo's signature still appears on the pages drawn by Garray.

Benoît Brisefer sur le WEB

However, Vladlavodka once got two of her circuits mixed up and as a result she became evil: This story raises the issue bennoit the paparazzi and the stalking of brisefet.

As a result, he is never taken seriously, even if later he is proven right. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The only such reference was in Le Cirque Bodoni where Choesels, wanting to attract publicity and interest, told the journalists that Benoit belonged in a family of a Turk father and a Gypsy mother, one of 10 children. After each blunder, Benoit says to himself "What have I done again?

For example, after uprooting a tree to save a stranded cat, he returns it to its previous position because "The schoolmistress says so". Another recurring joke is how Benoit, in his childhood innocence, links his larger-than-life experiences to basic morals taught in school. But then they discover that the Red Taxi company is actually a cover for a much more dubious enterprise.

Benoît Brisefer Series by Peyo

To cap it all, the police have arrested the former in mistake for the latter. The young man explains that he has discovered a major drug-smuggling operation and is pursued by two of the dealers.

Since Peyo's death it has been continued by other artists and writers. When attacked brisffer a small army, he easily defeats them by knocking them all unconscious.

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