Funny in farsi by firoozeh dumas

In her unflinching examination into the essence of the Iranian immigrant experience, Dumas exposes America as it has never before been seen. Truth is, I am itching to write my next book but I am currently traveling full time. We are experiencing technical difficulties.

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Funny in Farsi: A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America

Especially loved a later NPR interview with author Dumas, where she noted that people are always intrigued by her French husband's accent, yet not so much hers If Funny in Farsi is actually funny in Farsi, it will bring some levity to its readers in Iran, and I have the feeling they could use some levity right now.

Its also an easy read, though not so light. It was Dumas's first book. Leffingwell Elementary School 1. How has your xumas changed since the publication of Funny in Farsi? In fact, I had told no farwi.

Do you think education can transform everyone? Encourage your students to examine the American-Iranian relationship today, and to consider how the status of this international affiliation has changed in the past thirty years. Judges Paid Off 1. fasi

Commentary: ‘Funny in Farsi’ – Firoozeh Dumas

First published date wrong 3 19 Aug 14, When you see negative events in the news about another country, what assumptions, if any, do you make about the people of that country? Of Mosquitoes and Men 1.

After a two-year stay, she and her family moved back to Iran and lived in Ahvaz and Tehran. Firoozeh said she thought the beauty pageant should be replaced with a spelling bee.

Her father lost his job and the family endured some lean times before the hostage crisis ended and things began to return to normal. One has to suspect that the mispronunciation is a deliberate insult.

Funny in Farsi by Firoozeh Dumas - Teacher's Guide -

Jan 13, Pages. We have traveled several times to France and plan to go there more often now that we have reconciled with his family. My children love Persian food. In their analyses of both works, students may want to consider such themes as cultural assimilation, social alienation, political disenfranchisement, and political empowerment.

Saw this book and thought it was ffiroozeh appropriate book considering the political environment. The book describes adjusting to the different culture and dealing with her extended family, most of whom also moved to the U.

As you grow older, you'll find that people of every religion think they're the best, firoozwh that's not true.

Do you automatically try all free samples? Mar firooxeh, Kerry rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I definitely agree with your opinion, in the sense that immigrant families are high achievers, and that nothing can get them down.

Do you think that educational opportunities for the next generation are improving in America? If yes, give an example from your life. It did make me smile, chuckle, and once or twice even laugh out loud.

Some people believe that people should only marry within their own religion. I hope someday they can spend some time in Iran so they can once again learn Persian. Have your students then brainstorm the events or incidents they would include in memoirs of their lives. What might her name change to Julie suggest about her identity as an immigrant?

Still, there was a disconnect for me which probably has more to do with my expectations. How would our communities, xumas locally and globally, be different if we saw our commonalities before our differences? It was a thoroughly enjoyable book and I happened to learn some interesting information about Iran and immigrants and Iranian culture along the way.

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