Decreto 2539 de 2005

Legal regime of investments Establishes, inter alia, the guarantees for equality of the rights of an investor, also for legal protection of an investor, currency operations, concessional contracts, investments in free economic zones. Chapter 5 sets the state regulation and supervision over insurance activity. Houston, we have a problem!

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Repeals the Prisons Ordinance.

Part I deals with Department of National Defence. Contains the provisions concerning the regulation of civil matters in Tajikistan.

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Provides for the continuation of laws, legal proceedings, and terms of office of public officials from the period preceeding the Constitution of Zanzibar, Second, in order to govern hospital spending, the NHP reiterates the need to reduce inappropriate access to specialist visits, acting directly on gatekeepers i. Made under the Newspaper Act, Consequently, important increases in the share of GDP for health care were driven by moderate increases in absolute spending.

The National Education Act, No. Part IV contains general provisions relating to newspapers, including provision on prohibition of publication of newspapers. Defines the legal and economic basis for setting up and functioning of Free Economic Zones.

In an appendix introduces the list of villages, located meters above the sea with the relevant wage coefficients. The health agreement acknowledges patient satisfaction as a crucial aspect and encourages its ee monitoring on a national scale in order to identify flaws and address shortcomings.

3. Financing

The objectives of the Institute established under the Agreement, with headquarters in Arusha, are to improve the performance and management effectiveness of public and private institutions and enterprises within the member States open to designated countries of Eastern 20005 Southern Africa. Adds a new para. Defines the functions of organizer and participants of mass events. Seamen Deserters Norway Notification, decgeto In this respect, it is interesting to note the emergence of low-cost initiatives in the private sector e.

Regulation of dehkans activity Chapter 5: The impetus for such health agreements stems from the urgent need to address the main challenges of the NHS.

General Provisions Chapter II: Since the early s the health-care system has been undergoing a process of fiscal devolution from the central government to the regions. In addition, price dcreto will be negotiated for biotech drugs upon their patent expiration and when market entry of a bio similar product is not expected. Provides for the establishment of a voluntary law enforcement brigade to be known as the Kikosi Maalum Cha Kujitolea KMCK dwcreto, to assist in law enforcement activities against "racketeers", "loiterers", or persons engaged in activities "incompatible with the political, economic or social goals and aspiration of the nation".

Rephrases the title of article 21, which now 0205 Regulates legal, financial, economic and organizational principles of population's environmental education.

Establishes State policy in the field of employment providing for the implementation of citizen's rights to work and social protection in the event of unemployment.

Part IV provides for powers and privileges relating dr defence forces; Part V for defence forces regulations and orders. Regulates the actions of public executive bodies to assist the unemployed in vocational training and skills development.

Provides, inter alia, for State regulation in the field of radiation security, evaluation of radiation level, obligations of users of sources of ionizing radiation, and control of radiation doses. The revised version effects changes necessitated by the abandonment of the one-party state ideology, including, inter alia, reinforced emphasis on human rights rather than "socialism and self reliance" art.

Amends Penal Code with respect to able bodied persons who are not engaged in any productive work and have no means of subsistence, as well as hoarding of commodities.

Provides for the procedure for the settlement of trade disputes, including strikes and lock-outs. Consolidates para 1 and 2 of article 22 providing the procedure of maintenance of Public Servants' Register.

Constitution of Zanzibar, The Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania.

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