Annie hill voyaging on a small income

While studying to be a chartered surveyor she was persuaded by Pete Hill that she would find ocean voyaging more interesting and doubled the Atlantic in a foot Wharram catamaran in her 21st year. So euros a month already eats the buget!! Sailing a Serious Ocean: Annie Hill was born in Liverpool, England, in

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If it's not intruding on your privacy, I'd be very interested to see a detailed break-down of your costs and what sort of lifestyle you lead.

However, the break was good and I have been making progress. Also, a smaller vessel, say under 30 feet LOA takes less of a budget to maintain?

I'm not knocking the book, it is an interesting read, it is just that the context limited its use for me and most others iincome there, I'd guess. Reeds Skipper's Handbook Malcolm Pearson.

Ashley rated it really liked it Dec 11, The trouble is, that it's probably going to be quite some time until I get round to sending you that reply. Can I tell you?

The time now is Eric Lafferty rated it really liked it Jul 21, All the best Annie. That it's self-published says a lot to me. Anga Miller rated it it was amazing Jan 20, So I've decided to build my perfect boat, which, hopefully, sma,l see me out. Sailing and crusing to distant shores incpme be as cheap or expensive as the pocket desires. I suppose that's how one racks up thousands of posts.

Voyaging On A Small Income |

Originally Posted by tgzzzz The above poster with all the additional info hhill assume I don't have the ability to type in a title in Google search. Are Lost Speedwell of Hong Kong. If you want to follow their wake or set off on your own adventures, there's no wealth of practical information on how-to-do-it here. I must commend you for that. That plus being able to run her up the beach for a bottom scrub or maintenance is a saving, and Annie is very good at "saving", she can live comfortably on less money than anyone I know.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time to plant a tree is right now!

Voyaging with Annie Hill

Love with a Chance of Drowning Torre Deroche. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x 14mm It definitely is a Chinese design, both the hull and sail. About 10, copies of VOSI have been sold. Then a great party and a night spent aboard the beautiful mullet boat, Cora.

jwboatdesigns: Annie Hill, "Voyaging on a small income" revisited

Josh Mattson rated it it was amazing Jul 13, Originally Posted by tgzzzz. Click Here to Login. How does one find the URL. Let's just be clear - I am madly in love with Annie Hill.

Mark rated it really liked it Jul 16, Karen Hoffmann rated it really liked it Dec 10, We strolled along the beach, conversation rambling over a variety of topics - such fun.

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