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Built into OS X through the print function. So what is my point? Saves me from all the troubles and hassles on services you just listed.

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However, Zamzar did not handle the XLS file properly in our test.

Review: Zamzar .docx to .odt Converter - Ninja

I have to mention that from an Adobe perspective, even though the PDF spec is public and open for anyone to use, Adobe does not guarantee the stability and accurateness of PDF files created from third party applications meaning, programs other than Adobe Acrobat. Be very careful of the programs you use if storing stable PDF files is critical for you.

April 2, at 5: Plus they docd more secure and flexible when concerning private data like web purchase receipts and such. The file once again turned out well, and there was no visible difference between the file we converted from the DOC to the actual original PDF. Express PDF Page 8: Zamzar does a lot more than just PDF conversion.

Tom's Guide to Online PDF File Creation

How well does it really work, though? Built into OS X through the print function.

It was during non-peak hours, so I received my document within seconds. So what is my point? You saved me an hour by writing this review.

I think it would be more natural from a users point of view too. The PDF was improperly formatted splitting the spreadsheet across two pages.

Zamzar - Tom's Guide to Online PDF File Creation

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I do love my Mac. Subscribe to our newsletter. It can be very time consuming to convert the documents and have them turn out the exact way the creator sees the documents on their end. Saves me from all the troubles and hassles on services you just listed. The online interface is simple to use. The comment was rocx missing.

Admittedly I have only ever converted text and tables with it. You could always use a Mac and you can convert about anything from any program to a. Overall, it was still a decent conversion for most uses.

In our limited test, it took an average of three minutes to receive the Zamzar email in a Gmail account after hitting the convert button.

Newer Post Older Post. So, I guess you could say that in the end, you get what you pay for.

February 18, at Subscribe so you don't miss them. I have been in the print on demand and publishing business with a large firm for 18 years. February 18, at 9: With the email you have to click back to Zamzar and then click again to get your download, which sure is a lot of clicking just to get your file. As a final test, tl also took an Excel spreadsheet XLS file format with a comparison matrix of all the services used in this review and converted it to PDF.

Lost images, broken text, corrupted files that won't open.

I'll post more details soon.

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