The witchery of archery

At this moment Will reached the ground and lodged an arrow in the cat's flank, while it was so close to me that I 38 The Witchery of Archery. The yellow-bellied woodpecker is everywhere to be seen in our woods. I shall never forget the appearance of the thing's eyes, as it shot level along the tops of those scrubby little trees, some- what lower than my head.

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Rabbits have, especially when wounded, an in- explicable habit of running in a circuit of only a few hundred feet in diameter.

When you can do this one time out often, at even twenty paces, you may begin to call yourself an archer ; but do not grow discouraged if it takes a long while to get such ordinary proficiency.

The witchery of archery : a complete manual of archery

Views Read Edit View history. Some men delight in Wall Street. Fortunately, however, he saved our bird-skins and our chemicals. His weight was about three hundred pounds, I should guess, though we had no means of ascer- taining it. The sun was almost to the meridian, and the sea was like a sheet of glass. The prairie reached, I took my stand in the dusky shadow of a clump of palms, near what seemed a favorable run, while Will beat stealthily The Witchery of Archery.

The spread of the " Toxophilite mania," as some one has named it, has been so sudden and wide that our dealers have been unable to supply the demand for archery tackle, and in most of our towns and villages the manufacture of rather clumsy, but by no means worthless, long-bows and arrows has been quite a paying business.

The witchery of archery | Open Library

In the days of the empire, mi lepjis were the words of endearment breathed into the damsel's ear by the loving youth just ready to don the toga. On the day before, I had noticed that two fine snowy fellows made it convenient to alight on a certain bare, dead tree about sixty yards distant from where I had thus stationed myself.

He waved his hand in a peculiarly graceful way, and in a sad voice said: There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Caesar and Will took their respective places in the tent, but I swung my hammock between two trees, and, as was my custom, placed my bow and quiver along- side of me.

I hastily weighed archrry little anchor, but none too soon, for I saw two alligators, with their rusty noses out of water, striking out for my bird. He stripped a side from one of the wing feathers and bound it to an arrow, in token of a vow not to leave the lake till he, too, had bagged a snowy heron.

However, it also gave practical advice on the sport, such as the manufacturing of archery paraphernalia and how to use the equipment while hunting.

I recommend it without hesitation, especially now that it is in eBook form. The waves were singing a grand song, and fling- ing up their white hands as if keeping time to the witfhery. As regards skill, no man ought witchsry brag of knocking down two quails, left and right, under the ordinary circumstances of field-shooting.

Yes, entirely too low ; for your next rabbit gets up from his form before you see him, and after a half-dozen long, lazy bounds, squats on his haunches and waits for you to shoot at him. I once saw a great horned owl perch itself on the stub of a broken limb of a decayed tree, just below a hole in which a wood- pecker had its nest.

No doubt the far-famed story of the Fountain of Youth hidden away in the wild tangles of the Land of Flowers, being once dis- proved, let fall something of its delightful romance upon the lake, which, though hemmed in with almost impassable swamps, marshes, and everglades, and jealously guarded by all the cunning of its wild owners, really did and does exist a wonder to the scientist and an exhaustless field for the operations of the naturalist and sportsman.

As for me, I man- 72 The Witchery of Archery. Not even a splinter cheered our eyes.

The third time is the charm, mayhap ; you bowl your game over in fine style, and can never feel prouder or happier. In addition, the late s saw the last of the American Indian Wars, thus romanticizing the Native Americans and their cultures, which, in most accounts, included expert archery.

It is a classic. It is the abuse of gun-shooting the terrible achery committed by pot-hunters, that I deplore. He shot hur- riedly, and hit one in the head, knocking it clear over. W T e looked beyond a point of marsh to our left, and saw the tbe like a mighty ball of red-hot metal just touching the far limit of the glorified sea, and then we passed into the cool shade of trees, that made a charming twi- light, and soon we ran alongside of a pretty sail- boat lying at anchor in the creek, putting to shore where a flight of wooden steps led up a little bluff.

Sponsored products related to this item. He jerked his head, but did not move a wing. It is one of the peculiarities of your true archer, that he shoots at anything in the shape of bird or wild animal that presents itself. Dat's jis as good as his bird right now!

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