Shell helix diesel ultra 5w-40

All new Skoda Karoq arrives in Singapore. Immediately noticed the smoothness during the pick up. Mileage wise is almost the same as all other brand.

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The higher the points, the higher the rank. Therefore it must be a reliable oil. We update you with latest information on new car prices from both parallel importers and car authorised dealers with brands such as ToyotaHondaNissanVolkswagenMitsubishiBMWMazda sbell Hyundai. What else can I conclude? Posted on 03 Jun I will not recommend this product to a friend Overall Rating.

Engine didn't sound that smooth. However, my workshop recommended it to me and I gave it a try. Very poor engine performance, it wins. Note that I shelp hate Shell, it is purely based on own experience. Isit ok to mix Engine oil? Virgin Base Oil versus Recycled Oil. Can feel the great difference once u step on the gas. There are many that are much better.

That's a great feature, as I do occasionally ram the car a bit. I believe it does a good job of protecting the engine internals as well and I would certainly recommend it heliix anybody looking for a good engine oil to use. But not the smoothest.

Shell Helix Diesel Ultra 5w-40 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 4 Litres 4l

The price may cause potential want-to-give-it-a-try customers to shun away from it though. However, if you want power. Have been using it regularly for the last 2 years and I must say, my engine is still running very smoothly with decent power and responsiveness. Go try other EO.

We are also your information hub for parkingroad taxcar insurance and calculating the cost of your car loan. More about the ranking system click here. Ranks are in ascending order.

Shell Helix Diesel Ultra 5w Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 4 Litres 4l | eBay

Ford Mustang Bullitt takes on Isle of Man. Let's go straight to the point.

The ideal in-car camera for all BMWs. Works okay for my Jazz.

The first engine crank already impressed me as it is significantly quieter and vibration of my engine bay seems lesser. What I like The bottle looks nice and the advertisement is all around the island. The rank of the users represents his repuation, the higher the rank, the better the repuation is. What I do not like Average performance. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Engine Oil. Shell Helix Ultra 5W How technology improves drivers' lives. Tried other products after going to new workshops and Helid have to say that Shell's EO pales in comparison to the other products out there.

iltra Thought it could be just another oil in the market of similar grade, until I needed a quick start at the turn of green light.

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