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I wrote the publisher a very long letter explaining why this book offended me, and I asked them to forward the email directly to Delisle. With Craig Thompson's "travelogue," Carnet De Voyage, we get a real sense of anguish and sorrow in places. Not by a long shot. Notify me of new posts via email. This is an interesting memoir by a Canadian artist who was sent to Pyongyang for his animation work.

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However, Delisle doesn't leave it at that. Ppyongyang graphics are good. This didn't have much heart or humour, which made it extremely difficult to actually make myself read. The novel is very witty, humorous and satirical from start to end, providing the reader with an insight into what the North Korean's often believe, and what is actually the truth.

Review: Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea by Guy Delisle | Books | The Guardian

But I've gotta be honest, so this is getting a 1 star and a spot on my "hated list". The comments Delisle makes are not only painful to read, but they make me wish Pyongyanng could reach into the book and shake him for failing to see his own stupidity and ethnocentricism.

I have to agree with some of the other reviews that call Delisle on his racism and misogyny. Deslisle was an animator before he started making comics, and oddly enough, North Korea has been a world leader in cell animation for decades.

Graphic Novel Depicts Surreal North Korea : NPR

The author does all the drawing and screenplay and is a pleasure to read due to his perceptiveness but also his deadpan Ca All of Guy Delisle's comic books are beguiling, funny and insightful and Pyongyang is extraordinary in this regard.

View all 7 comments. I wrote the publisher a very long letter explaining why this book offended me, and I asked them to forward the email directly to Delisle. Delisle arrives in Pyongyang, bringing, in addition to the items that he was authorized to bring into the country, a copy of George Orwell 's Nineteen Eighty-Fourthat he judged appropriate for a totalitarian state, CDs of Aphex Twinand presents like Gitanes cigarettes and Hennessy cognac. What a funny joke! Being a foreigner, he has several privileges that the citizens don't, such as access to more food and electricity, but everywhere he goes he has to have a local guide with him, which was like having a prison guard monitoring his every word and movement.

This meant he was one of the few westerners to live the surreal life in Pyongyang, spending two months on a work visa. View all 4 comments. It's also super funny how he keeps complaining about the food, and gains weight while casually mentioning from time to time how most of the country is starving including his underlings, who are paid partly in rice.

Mostly it's along the lines of "he called the water delivery woman a bitch; he's an asshole" vs. Much of the writing felt like the writer thought he was being funny when he was not.

Didn't anyone else see pyomgyang glaring racism here? Acting like a pretty standard spoiled, holier-than-thou Westerner. Foreigners are asked to come for short periods of time to keep an eye on the project and get the work Delisle's Pyongyang experience is a little different from his other books because in the case of North Korea, Delisle is here to work on animation studies for a film.

Probably it all depends ypongyang one's level of tolerance. I like his drawing depisle, I find it rather charming and I like his slice of life stuff that informs the work. Animation is the most unlikely of North Korea's rare export success stories, and a dying one; cell animation continues to diminish in favor of easier, cheaper and better computer animation.

I rated it 2 stars at first simply because I felt bad hating something a friend had lent me This is kind of memoir pynogyang one of not many foreigners who had visited North Korea and brief window into bleak realty of country surgically removed from the rest of the world. Books by Guy Delisle. Two and a half very lukewarm stars.

Graphic Novel Depicts Surreal North Korea

Jun 15, angela rated it it was ok Shelves: Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Gave this same book five stars The lack of freedom is at times heartbreaking, but there are plenty of humorous moments. Pyongyang is pretty, oh, so pretty, It's so pretty and witty and bright!

There is always a danger of personal opinion getting in the way of pyontyang the facts when it comes to such a strongly deposed regime.

Drawing from his experience at animation studios in China and North Korea, Delisle's graphic novels Shenzen and Pyongyang depict these two countries from a Westerner's perspective.

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