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Well ligbook is also diveary. These logbooks are usually fairly technical, but have the advantage of allowing you to change some parameters on your dive computer not all brands and models offer that though.

Aloha Rachel, there is no requirement to use the digital logbook. What better way than by including your photos and videos.

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Good divers logbiok always learning and sharing. Record your milestones Some dive locations and logbbook dive courses require a certain amount of logged dives. The log content is usually focused on the traditional technical info such as depth and time and you will have to enter it manually since no direct upload from your computer is usually supported.

A record of the amount of weight you need with various combinations of gear will save time and help you pinpoint the right amount of weight and improve your buoyancy.

The new kids on the block in terms of logbooks are the independant cloud-logbooks. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Learn more - Advertise - Our Partners! There are four main categories of digital logbooks: Keep an up-to-date diving logbook! Remember your dive logbpok An up-to-date logbook is a present to your future self. The cloud aspect means that your data is always automatically synched between all devices and available anywhere at any time, which is great.

The PADI Log Book makes it easy to record all your future dives! - Blue Explorers | Blue Explorers

Either you love it or you hate it, logging dives is a very personal matter. This is important since the app allows logook to log offline and take your logbook to destinations where there is no connectivity. Your email address will not be published. Rating and information Ideally, a digital logbook should include a database of dive sites, each with reviews, ratings and informations that makes it easy for you to understand lgobook it is a suitable dive spot for your experience, for the time of the year, and for what you are expecting to see.

After the dive is submitted for approval, an email is generated to the instructor referenced. Marine life What makes diving so great? You can choose to approve or reject dives. pad

You can take photos from the app or upload them from a folder, research and review both dive sites and dive operators, browse a very rich 14, species marine life database and much more. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Digital logbooks have the ability to include information about marine life and double up as a fish ID tool and an educational resource.

Is there a way for to download an instructor version of the digital log book without purchasing it? They have the advantage of not being exclusive to a specific equipment manufacturer or a specific diving agency, and are usually more feature rich than mobile only apps.

Diviac is a logvook cloud-logbook, meaning that it has both a web interface for use on desktops or laptops and a mobile app for iOS and Android. This is just a new-fangled option.

Good divers have a well-stocked equipment bag and well-maintained equipment. Most dive computer vendors, such as Suunto or Scubapro have developed their own logbook software e. Some dive locations and advanced dive courses require a pado amount of logged dives. Did you know you can log your dives digitally? It allows you to upload the dives directly from your dive computer, share the logs with your buddies and ask them to validate your dives.

Why Keeping a Logbook Will Help Make You a Better Diver

logbbook Learn how your comment data is processed. Conclusions As mentioned before there are a great number of options available, but one thing is sure the trend towards digital is here to stay. Notify me of new posts by email.

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