Oracle forms 10g interview questions and answers

It offers the best compression I know of, but you can also substitute it with zip, compress or whatever. Selective denormalization can provide valuable performance improvements. Previewer What are difference between post database commit and post-form commit? To specify the order of individual group evaluation in a cross products.

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The post-form-commit trigger fires after inserts, updates and deletes have been posted to the database but before the transactions have been finalized in the issuing the command.

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Orzcle will you assign a return type to LOV? When you can call library program units from triggers menu items commands and user named routine, you write in the modules to which you have attach the library. That is, the values of all system variables correspond only to the current form.

Changes a value of inherited property results to quuestions variant property. Push Button Push Button is a non-input item that does not store or display data.

Objects getting close to their max extents. Oracle 10g Interview Questions. By using the link file property in the layout boiler plate property sheet.

What Are Visual Attributes? Sep 09 Three Conditions for coordination causing event are:. Is used to augment functionality. Can contain simple objects, property classes, object groups and program units.

It allows you to read and write information to a file in the file system. What are the different types of Form builder variables?

Oracle Forms Interview Questions & Answers - Oracle Forms FAQ- Part-2

Whenever the validation event occurs. It will take forever. Toolbar canvas is of two types: Built-in functions that are used to determine the Error message answere What Is Pop List? Differences between pre-query and post-query in Oracle Forms.

Oracle Forms Interview Questions

Sharing and reusing code increases the modularity of the applications. Once you create a property clause you can base other object on it. Corms a modelless window, it determines whether oracle forms hides the window automatically when the operators navigates to an item in the another window. April 25, at 8: For a modelless window, it determines whether oracle forms hides the window automatically when the operators navigates to an item in the another window.

The coordination properties are. The pre-query trigger fires just before oracle forms issues the select statement to the database after the operator as define the example records by entering the query criteria in enter query mode.

Ishas Interview Questions: Oracle Forms Interview Questions and Answers.

No data will be imported but a file containing index definitions will be created. Indexes can easily be recreated after the data was successfully imported.

It specifies that the current trigger fire before firing the ajd trigger at the next higher scope.

Is it possible to change the where clause of a block dynamically in Oracle Forms?

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