Kryon the end times

Your word is inarticulate and poor for this concept. You have the technology for this and should protect yourself. Chakra Clearing Doreen Virtue.

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It belongs to us all, and is our personal source and our gift all at the same time. You will find yourself filled with the love energy krypn Kryon.

Your restrictive implant design is responsible for your two-dimensional reasoning, but those with balance should have been able to put this together before now. This is the Kryon book that is published first in all the foreign languages around the world.

Way of the Superior Man David Deida. They have always been as clear pathways through an otherwise murky and resistant veil.

Kryon (Book 1): The End Times

Keep the organization to a minimum and stress the work! Both spoke of Kryon This book features snd first time that Kryln will come forward and speak in the first person.

My entire purpose is to serve in a specified capacity the "schools" throughout the universe where the entities such as yourselves are located.

Ask for guidance from spirit The Holy Spirit about the true meaning of the end times, and what you should do. I am speaking directly to you.

Imagine you are now standing inside a large bubble. You are also driven to constantly look for creation The love God-Source will respond if appropriate.

You currently do not have real science, only two dimensional science Things are beginning to change, and that's why I'm here. At this point humans are as tiny molecules on a giant timed, a magnet which is able to move things with enormous force if called on, but humans are only able to see far enough to dig tiny holes in the surface and suck timse minuscule pieces of enf to burn for heat and power.

It is very interesting to me that those humans "in touch" with this side of the veil for many years have not really put this energy package together yet. If I told you that something always "was," you would have a difficult time with that. Your plan is often determined directly by what happened during the last expression. There is really much more to my name than the sound, and I would really like you to be able to "feel" it; but you are unable at this time.

It is not necessary for you to escape your government system, or go into hiding, unless you feel that tomes are actually in danger of your existence.

The visit caused a great deal of spiritual activity on Earth, and has had repercussions ever since. The Indido books have sold almost half a million copies world-wide in 24 languages.

Kryon--The End Times (October edition) | Open Library

The magnetic field of your planet was carefully placed for your health - and your lessons. It is presented singularly as one package, and perceived in a way which is not significant to you at this time. This sounds promising, and I have begun to do this and hope for the best! There will be g uaranteed results tkmes you do this. If you wish to multiply the resulting 9 by the power number 3 to obtain additional information about it as you did with my name TONE earlieryou will receive 27, which also adds to 9.

When you are able to calculate it and manipulate it, you will discover it is also a base six 12 system.

The End Times: New Information for Personal Peace (Kryon, #1)

The missing part, being the spiritual, has been shunned by your scientists all these hundreds of years as nonscientific. I was always pulled to them but didn't want to spend the money on channeled material, I wish I would of back then. All of them are assigned for service to you directly.

Magnetic fields are very significant to your biology! It's time to begin! His entire purpose is to serve.

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