Programa de la escuela del ministerio teocratico 2013

The organization does, however, reject certain specific treatments, including blood transfusions. Por favor, tengan en mente que todas las experiencias o entrevistas durante el programa deben ser al grano. Ten units of the blood substitute were on the way, each unit slightly smaller than a can of soda. However, any Internet or mobile telephone ser- vice beyond what is needed to communicate with congregations and the branch office would be a personal expense for the traveling overseer to shoulder. This principle came into the public spotlight last year when the parents of a 2-year-old Auckland girl suffering a rare kidney disease wouldn't allow her to receive a life-saving blood transfusion following a kidney and liver transplant.

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Es cierto que un error lo comete cualquiera Jehovah's Witnesses hold district convention at MetraPark. We don't want to force people to become a Jehovah's Witness. Careful advance arrangements to provide appropriate accommodations will help them fulfill their respon- sibilities in a fine way.

Programa Escuela Del Ministerio Teocratico Wintms

This year, the theme is "God's Word is Truth," which focuses on how the bible can assist individuals ninisterio families coping with the daily challenges of modern life. Teodratico was rushed to the hospital, where doctors discovered he was slowly but surely bleeding to death internally. Podcast Republic is all your need to manage and play your Podcasts, Audio boo. Car Cast is a simple audio podcast downloader and player.

If one is moved by appreciation and has a heart desire to make such a contribution, that is for the individual to decide.

Biblioteca Teocrática: jun

Some personal expenses could be covered by the monthly allowance from the branch of- fice or from personal contributions he may have received from individuals in the congregation. As outlined above, if the dedication is scheduled in place of the regular Public Meeting and Watchtower Study, an abbreviated minute Watchtower Study should be slated at this point.

Questions have been raised as to whether renovated King- dom Halls should be dedicated. The location of the additional Kingdom Hall should be specified. The entire program will conclude with song and prayer.

The organization does, however, reject certain specific treatments, including blood transfusions. The Kingdom Hall being dedicated would have to be close by, and the congrega- tion s would need to be in agreement with such a limited dedication program.

Deben hacerse arreglos para que el superintendente viajante y su esposa tengan un armario donde colgar su ropa. However, if the specified Bethel brother is not available, a different Bethel speaker will not be provided unless the elders indicate in their letter that they are willing to accept someone else assigned by the branch office.

Watkins received four units late at night on April 17 and two more over 12 hours on April A slide or video presentation 15 minutes in length or less, showing only a few key elements of the construction project, would also be ap- propriate.

Or the dedication speaker may be a member of the Governing Body. Glen Eden pioneer Robyn Tusa, who became a Jehovah's Witness as an adult says they don't force people to listen to their message.

In addition to the monthly allowance, each traveling overseer and his wife receive an annual amount based on the number of years each has been in full-time service. All participants should be reminded that emphasis is to be placed on Je- hovah and the effect that the project had on the community and the brothers, not on technical aspects of how the building was constructed.

Even if the assignment includes a special ministerii day program on each day, it may still be possible for the brother to give a Kingdom Hall dedication talk on one of the two evenings.

As another op- tion, a qualified local elder could be asked to serve as the dedication speaker. Richart said the blood substitute needs to be given in a slow and controlled manner.

However, do not be so restrictive in this regard that the facility will end up not being filled to capacity for the dedication program. Perhaps the most controversial is the refusal to give blood or be given a blood transfusion, even if it will save a person's life.

Sin embargo, deben enviar a la sucursal una breve nota informando el programa del evento. Reading the Bible every day and discussing its meaning is an important part of family life, Mrs Clarke says.

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Expenses during the week of the visit: Often this is a fine opportunity to invite businessmen and officials in the community who may have become familiar with the construction of the building.

An elder is a spiritually mature man who guides other witnesses through spiritual teaching. Such expenses may include some food expenses, routine office expenses, transportation expenses that are not covered by the branch office, and certain moderate personal expenses.


Auckland's housing crisis could probably be solved if Jehovah's Witnesses were on the case. The treating medical centers had not reported any suspicions of criminal activity to prosecutors.

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