Zecharia sitchin the lost book of enki

It caused a global warming and a series of cataclysms, the melting of ice sheets causing a mega tsunami: Oracles-interpretations of divine utterances were commingled with the observation of the heavens for omens. Is the text a direct, exact translation from Sumerian clay tablets or were parts embellished by the author? Shar she was called.

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Words of caution he was saying: Against the gods, her children, eleven warriors march by her side; Kingu among them she elevated, a destiny to his chest she attached without right. Rather than give any depth, insight, or fill in the gaps, it glosses over things as if they are a given Let me also say zecaria I have read all of Sitchin's books and found most, sihchin first 3 or 4 at least, to be fascinating.

A son by one was the First to be born; the son of a concubine was the Firstborn.

The Lost Book Of Enki

And then there's also the OTHER side of this book, which rankles my insistence on scholarship, but completely delights my creative side.

This made me physically sick. While the chariot was getting its fill of waters, Ea and Anzu the whereabouts examined. To the void he set his course; a new destiny he was seeking.

The Lost Book of Enki | Book by Zecharia Sitchin | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

For his reign a royal title he was granted; An it was, the Celestial One was its meaning. Alone on the throne he was seated; a spouse to choose was twice postponed.

Paperbackpages. Snow zecharix at the top and on the bottom, blue and brown in between. Now this is the account of how the Olden Times began, And of the era that in sitchib Annals the Golden Era by name was known, And how from Nibiru to Earth the missions went the gold to obtain.

Zecharia Sitchin

Was it destined or was it just the result of an Anunnaki-made fate? May 12, Ramin Ghafarpasand rated it it was amazing.

The royal throne into one flesh combined, an unbroken line of kingship established! As I read this book, everything just made sense!

His wife was a halt sister, by laws of seed and succession a son she bore him.

Let him vanquish Tiamat, let him save our lives! In its loop, of the Sun's family five members it embraced, planets of dazzling beauty. These are the tablets upon which you shall inscribe my words. As fascinating as it was, the book left me with numerous questions. And then the great god Enki began to speak, and 1 began to write down his words, exactly as he had 8 spoken them.

An outermost abode he chose for himself, beyond Gaga were its dimensions. This isn't precisely news to me, I've been loving this stuff for ages, but this book revels in these facts and goes beyond just the descriptions to gleefully spout, "See! An and Antu the first royal couple were; three sons and no daughters to them were born. He summoned the sages, savants and commanders he consulted; for deciding he gained much knowledge. Sitchin attributed the creation of the ancient Sumerian culture to the Anunnakiwhich he stated was a race of extraterrestrials from a planet beyond Neptune called Nibiru.

I n the other celestial shipsthe Bokk felt very small before such fury, so much power. A death-dealing wind born in the west its way to the east has made, its course set by fate. The giant Kishar, foremost of the Firm Planets, its size was overwhelming. Nibiru the Words of Apsu with satisfaction heard.

On the void's deep he poured a sound sleep; Tiamat, the Mother of All, as a spouse for himself he fashioned. This is a flawed work, but even so it happens to be one of the most accessible complete translations of the Sumerian mythos from the creation tale all the way through Gilgamesh. Kishar itself a spell was casting, divine lightnings it was thrusting. Sumerian and Akkadian clay oc Babylonian and Assyrian temple libraries; Egyptian, Hittite, and Canaanite "myths"; and the biblical narratives are the main body of written-down memories of the affairs of gods and men.

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