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Face Selection By Area. Face Selection By Index. This example demonstrates the use of displacement mapping to clip away geometry from an object. This option ensures that there is no smoothing of the UVs where they are stitched together.

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Units used for this parameter depend on the View-dependent parameter.

Autodesk 3ds Max/Modifiers

Here's a few examples: Select Vertex By Surf Distance. This can speed up the rendering but will increase the memory usage. Select Vertex By Normal.

Genome Growing Face Selection Modifier. Genome Face To Vertex Selection. Ma To Face Color. Baking Data In Particles. Hi ThomasCoote Thanks for your interest in Lumion.

Less subtriangles mean less detail, faster rendering and less memory used. Genome Bulge Deformation Modifier.

The actual subdivisions for a triangle are rounded up to the nearest power of two this makes it easier to avoid gaps because of different tessellation on neighboring triangles. This value can also be negative, in which case the displacement will push geometry inside the object.

Select By Element Volume. The first image shows complex geometry on the left. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders.

The advantage of this method is that it preserves all the details in the modifuers map. Note that V-Ray can only guarantee edge continuity, but not vertex continuity meaning that the surface will not have gaps along edges, but there may be splits around vertices.

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Drag a connection from the output socket of the Multiply to the second socket Input 1 of the Mux. 3rs mode is not supported in GPU rendering. If using a displacement texture that is not grayscale, V-Ray will convert it to grayscale before rendering the displaced geometry. Simple Progressive Build Test Anim: The value is in fact the square root of the maximum number of subtriangles.

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This will bring the Noise connection to the Z socket, leaving the other two at 0. Thus, creating a modifier that applies a noise-based offset to mesh vertices is relatively easy. The second image shows the resulting displacement map, where the red, green and blue components define displacement vectors in the texture UVW space. The displacement map in this case is a 3D Cellular procedural map; the 3D mapping method was used.

Each triangle of the original mesh is subdivided into a number of subtriangles. Genome Select By Texture. If mesh information is stored in the Ptex file, V-Ray can also displace correctly mesh deformations. This example shows a plane mapped with a displacement map that has negative values. While it is similar in function to the standard 3ds Max Displace modifier and other displacement tools built into 3ds Max, VRayDisplacementMod provides a number of additional controls for fine-tuning the displacement and is optimized to work with the V-Ray renderer.

In this example, instead of trying to recreate the existing Noise modifier, we will create a variation with two options - Noise Along Z and Noise Along Normal. Note that V-Ray will also automatically generate a normals map based on the displacement map to compensate for details not captured by the actual displaced surface. Here are some results from layering two Genome Noise modifiers in Normal mode on top of each other - the left one uses

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